The Root of the World's Problems

There is only one main and logical reason why people in this world, between lovers, friends, even countries, why they fight, divorce, argue, or even have wars with each other...This reason happens to be the root of the world's problems to unhappiness. What is this reason? Because everybody thinks he or she is right, or every country thinks they are right. Meaning? People think that there can be several right answers to one question. Or they think that there can be several right definitions/ meanings to one concept, ie: happiness, marriage, purpose of life, leadership, etc. By logic, there can only be one ultimate (right) definition/ meaning to every concept, ie: True Happiness, True Marriage, True Purpose of Life, True Leadership, etc. Please send us a message if you need proofs on this.

About the Founder

For more than 10 years, Mr. Sudibya has been blessed, inspired, led by God to understand/ decipher the ultimate meaning of True Love (as a divine concept), to identify the nature/ cause/ root of the problems/ fights/ disagreements within people's relationships, and to spread the findings to the world. Through extensive study/ research in psychology, philosophy, marriages, love, faith, parenting, purpose of life, friendships, destiny, relationships, happiness, leadership, romanticism, bible, he has formulated the ultimate, indisputable, unprecedented, correct concept of True Love into the True American Dream code for living (under God’s guidance/ supervision). With his charity foundation, Mr. Sudibya, as His servant/ messenger, hopes to accomplish God's mission: to help people of all ages master and enjoy all kinds of relationships, to solve their problems, to stop their fights/ disagreements/ divorces, to make them reach the highest level of happiness and completeness, to show that their misunderstanding of True Love concept (how the media has played a major role in that cause of confusion), or the Self-Love practice, is what caused those problems/ reasons of unhappiness. This website summarizes his formulation.

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