The Root of the World's Problems

There is only one main and logical reason why people in this world, between lovers, friends, even countries, why they fight, divorce, argue, or even have wars with each other...This reason happens to be the root of the world's problems to unhappiness. What is this reason? Because everybody thinks he or she is right, or every country thinks they are right. Meaning? People think that there can be several right answers to one question. Or they think that there can be several right definitions/ meanings to one concept, ie: happiness, marriage, purpose of life, leadership, etc. By logic, there can only be one ultimate (right) definition/ meaning to every concept, ie: True Happiness, True Marriage, True Purpose of Life, True Leadership, etc. Please send us a message if you need proofs on this.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

True Love: a perfect concept, originally created as a manual for humans to live a truly happy life

First time in history, we will take an unprecedented approach to looking at the American Dream. Actually, there is one thing we can pursue that will give us the utmost happiness, something forever to enjoy. We have acknowledged the truth of this expression:”True Love is the most powerful Force in the universe”. Through our True American Dream Foundation, through our website, from your questions, we will provide you the proof, explanation, solution to your problems/ fights (all the logic, reasons, and common sense), in terms of everyday-life examples, why that expression is true-we will explore all the perfection, original design, and real structure of True Love.

Some people are lucky enough to find their soul mates, but many spend a lifetime never finding them. The logic? The word ‘Soul’ from the word ‘Soul Mate’, like True Love, is also a divine concept. “The soul at its highest is found like God, but an angel gives a closer idea of Him. That is all an angel is: an idea of God”-Johannes Meister Eckhart. Their own attitude prevents them from finding their soul mates. The common sense? How can people find their ideals (soul mates), if they don’t believe in and understand the ideals (divine principles or the highest meaning of things/ love)? What are the Ideal Principles?

Karen Goldman: "There is an unmistakable and profound reason why every culture, every religion, every nation down through the ages and in every part of the world extols angels as fit representations of one's highest conception of love and goodwill. They affect our highest senses, inspire our noblest thoughts, reflect our greatest aspirations.”

The real essence of angels is about the treasure of knowledge buried within, beyond the understanding of divine creatures: what is meant by a True and Unconditional Love-the foundation of the True American Dream Way of Life. There is no need for us to concentrate on looking for happiness at other places, because the above quote says it all: “Understanding the highest concept of love is nothing but understanding the whole mystery of the universe”.

True Love covers all aspects of life. For the past 10 years, I have been blessed, guided, and inspired by God to understand gradually the 10 most important concepts (Happiness, Leadership, Marriage, Passion, Parenting, Friendship, Purpose of Life, Romanticism, Destiny, Heaven). If you understand/ practice the concept of True Love perfectly, you will enjoy a perfect and divine living (the happiest, most powerful, and most complete state of living), since you would also reach the perfect meaning of those 10 flawless concepts. Those concepts (Ideal Principles) are part of the perfection, original design, and true structure in the True Love concept. Only by tracing love back to a divine Being (the original designer of the concept), learning the powers, the functions, investigating its features and benefits, the relation with other divine creations, can we finally assimilate the whole concept of True Love. Only by full understanding about those 10 Ideal Principles, can we reach the highest stage of being in love-the concept of Soul Mates.

What constitutes the whole mystery of the universe? Or what is the Power of True Love? True Love opens up the mystery of our power and creation, from its original, integrated, fun, and powerful design that incorporates True Leadership, True Happiness, True Purpose of Life, and True Strength. These are the qualities of True Love that make us reach our highest senses. True Happiness, or the highest feeling of happiness, is about our ability to utilize our in-born energies, talents, potentials for the happiness of other people (the world). True Leadership stands for the greatest and most powerful kind of leadership: making people trust, believe, and respect us, for our ability to make them humble, wise, and true leaders by example. The “True Purpose of Life” concept proves that we were all born to have the capacity, characteristics, and design like God-all the very reasons why we were created in His image.

True Love is the key to enjoying and mastering all kinds of relationships in life: True Passion, True Relationship, True Marriage, True Parenting, True Friendship and True Faith in God. These True American Dream Principles, those concepts with a prefix “True”, or the derivatives of True Love, are the truest versions, or the “Inside” meaning of the concepts of the world designed by God, specifically intended for our divine state (the happiest, most whole, and most powerful). They are flawless in design, come in perfect beauty, and function perfectly to bring us to that Godlike state (totally unselfish).

The more we understand and practice all this entire True Love design/ concept, the more we realize that we are capable to do much more in this world. Therefore, the greater our aspirations will be. If we reach our highest senses, if we have our greatest aspirations, are we not bound to reap the benefits of True Love? Are we not bound to be happier, more complete, and more powerful?

True Marriage is the most important, greatest, and most beautiful human relationship in anyone’s life on earth, because it is about the merging of two hearts, minds, bodies, and souls, into one force/ entity, 10 times more powerful, more complete, and happier than the two individual ones combined-Antoine de Saint Exupery. Yet many people in America don’t think that way. America’s high divorce rate proves Devil’s victory, in blocking its people from seeing and enjoying all the beauty there is to life (those greatest and True Concepts by God’s design), from reaching their true purpose, power, and wholeness as gods (amounts to reaching their highest senses: the highest level of feeling Truly in Love), and therefore from experiencing the greatest enjoyment and highest quality of life.

It took me 10 years to understand the whole concept of loving. Why so long? Because True Love is not an easy concept to absorb. We can understand the skin, but to reach the core when we can actually apply it to life? Or when we actually get to enjoy the power of True Love? It takes a divine process to digest a divine concept (True Love). That’s why, for me to go from the Outside to the Inside meaning of those 10 concepts, took a long and gradual process. Also, it is not easy to distinguish and choose between whispers by good angels and bad/ fallen angels (the Devil), or to be precise, between True Love (Selflessness) and Self-Love (Selfishness). Listening to the good angels is equivalent to reaping the benefits/ blessings of True Love: 
  • inspirations of its meaning
  • angels punched my head so hard that they made me realize that I had to be more unselfish. I realized that, all my life I have been selfish. How do I know that? Because if I had thought deeply and carefully, 95 % of my activities have been, 95 % of the time, mostly for myself alone:  eating, sleeping, going to work 9 to 5, going to the cinemas, concerts, museums, dancing, iceskating, etc. These are all for my own self-gratification-the love was aimed at me only.
  • the dreams that made me continue, upon points of giving up
  • there were days of coming home under the influence of alcohol, when I was tempted to do things I would have regretted the next day.

What could give me more happiness than experiencing all of those blessings-that my life is being led by God? How do I know that? Because dreams, inspirations, inner meanings, and “Inside” interpretations, are the domain of angels. And differentiating these voices-between good and bad-is about learning the nature of Self-Love concept, how to overcome it, and therefore to win our battle against Evil. True Love: you love other people more than you love yourself. Self-Love: you love yourself more than you love other people. All the quotes by most philosophers in the world on True Happiness/ Completeness, including the atheist ones, are nothing but total elimination of our Selfishness.

“True American Dream” Life is NOT where success and happiness are measured by the Outside of Things/ Worldly Belongings/ Accomplishments, or those things I pursued for my own ego; but whether I finally find my life to be truly meaningful, selfless, and the happiest possible, because I truly realize that every action I take every day must be done with an altruistic purpose. My True American Dream Happiness is not out there in the world, is not in those nice places I go to, is not in those nice things I have, but within myself. It’s a total realization that I have to put aside some of my hours every day, not for the happiness of myself, but for the happiness of as many people as possible. The aim? For a truly successful and happy life here on earth, and an everlasting life in heaven.

Many ideas came from the quotes of prominent leaders and philosophers, but mainly from God himself-from the Bible. You don’t have to be religious to believe in the Bible; its truth is very logical. The idea about this “True American Dream” concept came straight from God, Him and only Himself alone. I have been blessed to be chosen as His servant/ messenger to carry out His mission, for the greater happiness of the people in the world.